Expedition Gobi: Ray And Kevin Are Off And Running

Yesterday, ultrarunners Ray Zahab and Kevin Lin began their 2300 km (1430 mile) trek across the Gobi Desert. The two men, who once ran the length of the Sahara together, hope to spend the next 35 days running an average of 65 km (40 miles) per day. Along the way they’ll face remote and difficult terrain, extremely dry conditions and a host of other physical and mental challenges.

One of the biggest obstacles to their success is simply the logistics of being resupplied. Because the Gobi is so remote and lacking in infrastructure, Ray and Kevin’s support team will have very few opportunities to provide them with fresh water along the way. They expect to receive just one supply drop each day, which isn’t much considering the locations they are traveling through.

On their first day out, the two endurance athletes were able to cover 61 km (38 miles). That’s not too bad for what these guys call a “warm-up.” The video below gives you an idea what the start of their journey was like and we can look forward to similar videos moving forward as they continue the run.

You can follow Ray and Kevin’s adventure at Gobi2013.com or on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll be thinking of these guys tonight on my run, which will be a mere five miles.

Expedition Gobi – Day 1 61 Km from GOi2P on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker