Video: Saving Patagonia’s Wild Rivers

A new web video series has just launched entitled “Rios Libres: Environmental Dispatches.” The four-part series explores the threats to Chile’s rivers and the unique challenges that the people of that country are facing in order to save their wild spaces, including Patagonia, one of the most spectacular wildernesses on the planet.

The issue is that large conglomerates are planning to place five dams along two major rivers in Patagonia. Those dams will have a massive effect on the rivers and the ecosystems that surround them. In the video below, which is Episode 1 of this new series, we meet some of the people that live in Patagonia and get their thoughts on what the Baker and Pascua rivers mean to them.

Episode 1- The People from Rios Libres on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker