20 Famous Hikers Pick Their Favorite Trails

Looking for a new backpacking or hiking challenge? Want to experience some of the best trails in the world? Then you’ll definitely want to check out the list of 20 top trails as picked by 20 famous hikers Picks that was put together by the team over at National Geographic Adventure. They poled some well known figures from the world of exploration and adventure and shared their selections for their ultimate dream hikes. The results are a list of hikes that range from legendary to those you may not even have heard of.

Some of the walking routes that earn a place on the list include the Sierra High Route in California, which was selected by über-hiker Andrew Skurka and the Pacific Crest Trail, which is a favorite of ultrarunning phenom Scott Jurek. Unsurprisingly, American mountaineer Jim Whittaker names the trek to Everest Base Camp as his favorite hike, while Sally McCoy, the CEO of CamelBak loves the 200-mile (321 km) Snowman Trek in Bhutan.

As you can tell, there are some very diverse and interesting hikes on the list that were selected by a very diverse and interesting group of people. But one of the hikes isn’t even officially open yet, although it continues to evolve into a true world-class trekking route that will draw backpackers from around the globe.

That is the Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker Historical Trail that runs through South Sudan and Uganda. This route, which I first told you about several months back, is 360 miles (580 km) in length and runs from Gondokora near Juba, in South Sudan, to Baker’s View, which overlooks Lake Albert in Uganda.

This particular trail was suggested for the Nat Geo list by explorer Julian Monroe Fisher, who has been instrumental in its creation. It is set to open in 2014 with the first trekkers walking its length shortly there after. The photo above is actually a shot of an existing plaque commemorating the Bakers in one of the villages along the trail. Official trail markers will be added alongside it soon.

If you’re planning a new treking adventure in the near future then you’ll certainly want to check-out the trails that made Nat Geo’s list. There are some excellent options for sure and whether you want to hike a well known classic route or take on a complete new one, there is a little something for everyone.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “20 Famous Hikers Pick Their Favorite Trails”

  1. Thanks for the info Kraig, it’s been a while since I bumped into your writing – Reminds me of the time we went on trial in Makuleke in Kruger. PS – Julian also guides for us at Premier Safaris “Explorer in residence” and it is a truly great trail.

  2. Hi Corne! Great to hear from you and thanks for sharing that Julian is one of your guides. I wasn't aware of that. I may actually join him on the trail next January when it opens. It would be a fantastic hike for sure.

    I still think about our adventures in Makuleke in Kruger often. It was such an amazing experience. I need to visit that Botswana camp one of these days. 🙂

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