Heading Down Under! Northern Territory Here I Come!

250px Kakadu 2431

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Adventure Blog will be going on hiatus for the next week and a half while I head out on some adventures of my own. Later today I’ll hop a flight to Australia where I’ll be spending some time in the Outback of the Northern Territory. I’m looking forward to visiting this wild and remote place and sharing some stories from the road when I return.

Some of the time while I am there I will have Internet access and I will be sharing my experiences on both Facebook and Twitter. I hope to post some photos from this beautiful place as I’ll be visiting places like Kakadu National Park and trekking the Larapinta Trail, both of which promise to be very memorable.

While I’m there, I’ll also be doing two Google Hangouts. If you want to join me online for some thoughts on the trip those two Hangouts will take place at the following dates and times:

Wed. July 10 at 930 pm in the NT/8 am on Wed July 10 in NYC
Sunday, July 14 at 8 am in the NT/630 pm on Sat. July 13 in NYC

I’ve never been the subject of a Google Hangout before but it should be fun!

Finally, I will most likely close down comments on the blog while I am away. While I always enjoy hearing from regular readers, I also tend to collect a lot of spam comments while traveling and it is difficult to find and remove them all after I return.

This will be my second trip to Australia and I’m looking forward to going back. The people are wonderfully friendly, travel is easy and there are just an incredible amount of options for outdoor enthusiasts. The last time I was there I spent the majority of my time in Queensland and on the Great Barrier Reef. This time out, I’m excited to visit Darwin, Alice Springs and the deep Outback.

When I get back, I’ll return to my regular coverage of the Tour de France, the Pakistani climbing season and all the other adventures taking place around the globe. And once I shake the jet lag, I’ll start sharing more detailed stories of my travels in the Northern Territory.

Kraig Becker