Tales From Down Under

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I’ve only been home from Australia for a couple of days and I’m still trying to shake the jet lag, but I’ve already started to share some of my experiences over at the travel blog Gadling.com. Yesterday two of my stories went live and if you’re interested in what I was up to while I was in Oz, you can check them out now.

The first story is about a fun event I discovered in Darwin on my first full day in the country. It was called the Darwin Lion’s Beer Can Regatta and as the name implies, it is a series of boat races with the boats being made primarily out of beer cans. The event is fun, wild and 100% Aussie with the teams competing having a blast while not taking themselves all too seriously. The boats showed a great deal of charm in their design, not to mention dedication from the designers who spent a lot of time emptying all of those cans. On shore, spectators cheer on their favorite crews, take part in tug of war and thong throwing competitions, while enjoying a few cold ones of their own. It is an all-day affair that culminates with an ultimate battle out on the water during which teams toss water balloons and flour bombs at one another, with some boats even employing water cannons. You can find out more about the Beer Can Regatta in my story found here.

The other story that went live yesterday was about my visit to the amazing Kakadu National Park. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its natural and cultural wonders. The beautiful landscapes there speak for themselves and are a testament to how amazing the Outback can be, but what was truly awe inspiring was the Aboriginal artwork that adorns the rock faces at several sites there. I visited a place called Ubirr where the images on the rocks range from hundreds to thousands of years old and show a clear connection between the land and the people that have inhabited it for more than 40,000 years. It was a humbling and eye opening place that also happens to offer one of the best views you’ll find anywhere. Really a fantastic place.

This is just the start of my stories on Australia’s Northern Territory. I’ll be posting a few things here eventually as well and I have some plans to share other stories elsewhere on the web and possibly print as well. As those get published, I’ll be sure to post here too. I’m also in the process of organizing photos from the trip and when I get that gallery online, I’ll share it too.

If you’re looking for a destination that offers a bit of everything – culture, history, beauty, adventure, etc. – it’s tough to beat the Northern Territory. Whether you like to relax on the beach, sail the oceans, hike in remote backcountry or soak up Aussie culture, you’ll get the opportunity to do that and more. Just keep your eyes peeled for wild crocodiles and dingos.

Kraig Becker

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