The Patagonian Expedition Race On Hiatus Until 2015

A few weeks back I posted news that the Patagonian Expedition Race was in serious jeopardy and that if a sponsor didn’t step up soon, the 2014 edition of the race was likely to not happen. Race manager Stjepan Pavicic felt that the event was not getting the support from the local community that it needed to stay solvent, despite the fact that his race brought a great deal of attention and money into the economy there. Yesterday Stjepan took to the PER Facebook page to announce that the race is indeed cancelled for 2014, while also giving us hope that it will return in 2015. 

Stjepan’s statement is quoted in full below. Here’s what he had to say:

Dear racers, followers and friends of the PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE,

A few weeks ago, we made a difficult decision that is very difficult for me to communicate, but I must. Finally though, after 10 years of consecutive editions, in February 2014 there will be no Patagonian Expedition Race. But this is not the end; this is just a brief pause. 

In this time, exploring the wildest side of Patagonia, nature has taught us many hundreds of life lessons and also taught us to keep moving, even through complicated geographical scenarios and very hostile weather conditions. But she also taught us to understand when it’s necessary to pause in the midst of the storm. Today it’s time for that pause. It’s time to rehydrate ouselves and to feed our spirit. To review our roadmap and adjust our course to make directly for Patagonian Expedition Race 2015! So, we’ll be back with more energy and new challenges. We’ll maintain the authentic format and stay true to the wild expedition race spirit of the Patagonian Expedition Race, The Last Wild Race.

I want to thank all those who have shared our passion and helped build the Patagonian Expedition Race: athletes, photographers, videographers, journalists, volunteers and professionals from various fields, companies and institutions. Together we have made a large multinational and multidisciplinary team with personalities from from over 30 countries. The wilderness has been our inspiration. 

Soon we will open registration for the 2015 edition. I invite you to dream that you will be part of the next Patagonia Patagonian Expedition Race, The Last Wild Race! 

Stjepan Pavicic

So there you have it, straight from the race manager’s mouth. There will be no Patagonian Expedition Race for 2014 but they hope to come back stronger than ever in 2015. It will be said to see a void on the schedule for early next year, but at least their is optimism that this great race will continue on after a brief hiatus. It is one of the best races in the world and it is held in one of the best settings on the planet. Hopefully it will be back before we know it.

Thanks to my friend Bill Snyder for sharing this news with me.

Kraig Becker