Video: The Manaslu Trail Run – Running In The High Himalaya

Standing 8156 meters (26,759 ft) in height, Manaslu is the eight tallest mountain in the world. It also happens to be the focus of an amazing competition known as the Manaslu Trail Race, which is run in the High Himalaya of Nepal each year. During the race, competitors will cover a total of 212 km (131 miles) over seven stages, going as high as Manaslu Base Camp located at 5100 meters (16,732 ft). It is a difficult and demanding event that rewards runners with stunning views and an almost spiritual connection with the world around them.

The video below is an amazing introduction to this trail race. It is a 10-minute long mini-documentary that will leave you inspired to want to run this route yourself while pulling no punches with how difficult the run actually is. The short film begins in Kathmandu and takes viewers through the various stages of the race, giving us a sense of what it is like out on the trail. This seems like an incredible mix of cultural immersion, breathtaking scenery and an unbelievable physical challenge.

The next edition of the Manaslu Trail Race will take begin on November 9 of this year. There is still time to enter and get training.

MANASLU TRAIL RACE PROMO (LOW RES) from Adventure Types on Vimeo.

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