Freya Hoffmeister Continues Kayaking Expedition Around South America

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Freya Hoffmeister, the queen of long distance paddling, has returned to South America and is planning on resuming her epic journey around that continent by kayak. If all goes according to plan, Freya will hit the water again tomorrow and resume a journey that has already consumed many months out on the water.

Freya arrived back in Colombia on Tuesday and is now preparing to return to the border between that country and Venezuela where she’ll climb back into her boat and once again continue her journey. She has been back home in Germany since May and during that time she has gathered her strength, taken care of pressing business and generally been getting ready for the next leg of the journey. If all goes according to plan, she’ll soon round the top of South America and start heading south, back to Buenos Aires where she first launched her expedition in September of 2011, early two years ago.

Initially Freya believed it would take 24 months for her to cover the 24,000 km (14,913 mile) circumnavigation of South America. She is rapidly closing in on that date and there is no way she can finish in the time frame that she has set for herself. She still has thousands of kilometers to go and plenty of challenges ahead. Nothing she can’t handle of course, after all we are talking about a woman who managed to paddle around Australia a few years back. Yes, Australia.

If you want to follow Freya’s progress as she turns for home, check out her blog, which she updates on an almost daily basis while paddling. Sometimes it’s just to report her daily mileage and location and other times it’s more in depth about what she is experiencing while out on the water.

Another impressive adventure. It looks like Freya will be on track to wrap up her expedition sometime later this year. There are some big challenge that remain but she is determined and razor focused. I know I’d certainly never underestimate those qualities in a German woman.

Kraig Becker