Husband And Wife Team Prep For South Pole Later This Year


The 2013 Antarctic season is still several months off but we all know that the keys to a successful expedition begins long before the teams ever hit the ice. With that in mind, the husband and wife duo of Chris and Marty Fagan are training hard for their attempt at skiing to the South Pole later this year as they hope to go unsupported to the bottom of the world.

The Fagans are already accomplished outdoor athletes. Both are ultra-runners and climbers with multiple 100 mile (160 km) trail runs and summits under their belt. In fact, the two first met while both were climbing Denali on separate expeditions back in 1998 and they’ve been practically inseparable ever since. The couple has a 12-year old son, who will not be joining them in the Antarctic.

The couple is planning on launching their South Pole expedition on November 23, although their exact schedule will obviously be dictated by the weather conditions. They’ll start at the Ronne-Filchner Ice Shelf and cover 560 miles (901 km) on their way to 90ºS. They hope to wrap up the journey in just 45 days as that will be the amount of food they’ll take with them when they get underway. In order to stay self-supported while out on the ice, they’ll be pulling 180 pound (81 kg) sleds filled with gear and supplies. To prep for that kind of a load, the couple has augmented their traditional ultra-marathon training by dragging tired behind themselves for hours on end.

Chris and Marty have dubbed their expedition 3 Below Zero which they say is a reference to the members of their team. In addition to the couple themselves, the third member of the squad will be their friends, family and followers who will be cheering them on from home as they travel south. If thats the case, they can count me as a member of the team then as I’ll certainly be following along.

Thanks to ExWeb for the tip on this story.

Kraig Becker