Who Wants A Bear Grylls-Branded Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard That Converts To A Tent?


From the “now I’ve seen everything” category we get a new inflatable stand-up paddleboard from Coreban that also has the ability to serve as your tent while out on your SUP adventures. And if that wasn’t enough of an incentive to buy, the board also comes full endorsed by none other than Bear Grylls himself.

The new system is called the Ultimate Adventure Tent and it features a specially built shelter that is designed to wrap around Coreban’s existing Scout inflatable SUP board. The tent uses three poles – one on the nose and two on either side of the board at the back – to keep the structure in place. When it is full assembled there is room for one occupant with the Scout actually serving as a sleeping pad, which is actually rather ingenious. Mesh sides allow fresh air to get in while keeping insects at bay.

The system has been designed for expedition paddleboarding on rivers, lakes and other relatively calm bodies of water. It includes a waterproof bag for keeping the tent and other camping gear dry while paddling all day and the Scout has integrated cargo nets on the front and rear to ensure essential gear doesn’t easily get washed away. In short, it should be just about everything you need to spend a few days or weeks exploring your favorite waterway.

There is no word yet on when the Ultimate Adventure Tent/Scout SUP board will ship. The design is still being tweaked an Coreban has been relatively tight lipped on its specifications at this point. Still, considering how popular stand-up paddleboarding has become in recent years, this has the potential to be an interesting product. There is no word on cost either.

Thanks to Gizmag for sharing.

Kraig Becker