Adventure Tech: New Options For Hammerhead Bike Navigator

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Remember the Hammerhead bike navigation system that I wrote about last week? It’s the handlebar-mounted electronic device that when paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth will give visual clues on how to navigate through a route by using integrated LED lights. The system can also be used a rechargeable headlight and it uses route sharing to create a social element to your rides as well. It is certainly a unique and interesting product that has potential, particularly with commuter cyclists.

The Hammerhead Kickstarter campaign is now a couple of weeks from wrapping up and in an effort to jumpstart the fundraising options the designers of the device are now offering some new incentives to draw in potential customers. First, they’re offering an “early bird” special for the first 500 people who contribute to the campaign that will allow them to purchase the Hammerhead for $68. Considering the navigator is expected to retail for $100 when it hits production that is a substantial savings for those who want to back the device now.

The other, perhaps more intriguing incentive, is a new limited edition version of the Hammerhead that will be available in translucent slate gray. Only 500 of this model will be available as well and they will come with their own unique serial numbers and will be engraved with the cyclists personal information such as name, address, emergency contact number and so on. The limited edition model is available from the Kickstarter page as well for a price of $78.

The designers of the Hammerhead are looking to raise $145,000 to get their device into production. Right now, with 16 days to go, they’re sitting at about $48,000 in funding. If you’re interested in this navigation system at all, this is a good opportunity for you to pre-order one before they are built and get it a substantial discount. The limited edition version with the engraving would make a great gift for your favorite cyclist by the way, giving them a cool, high tech navigation tool while showing you care about their safety at the same time.

In case you missed last week’s post, here is a video of the Hammerhead in action. It helps explain what it does much better than I can.

Kraig Becker