Harnessing The Elements For Energy And Adventure

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The Sierra Club has posted an interesting article in its Sierra magazine that profiles four outdoor personalities who have managed to harness the natural power of the elements not only for clean energy but for use in the activities that they also happen to love. These four individuals have seen the potential for benefits both in renewable energy and in the extreme activities that have driven them into the outdoors.

The article is entitled “Electrifying The Elements” and it is written by David Ferris, a journalist who routinely covers environmental issues, renewable energy and outdoor adventure. In the article, Ferris writes about Andrew Scott, a surfer who is also an ocean engineer who studies ways to harness energy from waves. He also introduces readers to John Woolard is a kayaker who owns a company that harnesses solar power to create electricity and Gayle Zydlewski, who studies the tides for untapped power while also being an avid fisherwoman. Finally, kiteboarder Johnny Heineken is also profiled for his use of the wind not only to generate power both as a clean energy source and to pursue his favorite outdoor activity.

Most true outdoor enthusiasts that I’ve met also happen to be environmentalist even if they don’t necessarily label themselves that way. Those of us who love the outdoors naturally want to see our favorite places protected. Renewable energy sources are one way of doing that, creating ways of keeping us powered while having no negative impact on the environment. I would also argue that outdoor athletes are also more in tune with the world around them since they tend to be hyper-aware of their surroundings. That seems to be the case with these four individuals who not only learned to recognize the forces of nature around them but also opportunities to harness those elements for the greater good.

This is a fascinating story and one that I think you’ll appreciate. These are four people who obviously love nature and have a healthy respect for the forces that it can bring to bear. Inspiring stuff.

Kraig Becker

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