National Adventure Day Coming October 12 & 13

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Now here is an idea that I can get behind. My friend Chuck Vohsen of Rock Racing has declared the second weekend of October as National Adventure Day and he’s looking to spread the word to other adventure lovers not just here in the States but across the globe.

Chuck writes about this inspiration for this new holiday in a recent blog post. It seems a few weeks back he read about some kids declaring a certain day as National Bacon Day, which he thought was a great idea. But the more he thought about it, the more he wondered why there wasn’t a day to celebrate adventure in all of its forms too. Unable to shake the idea, he decided to do something about it. So, he declared October 12 and 13 as those days. He even launched a Facebook page to build support for the idea.

To show how much thought has gone into the idea, Chuck even mentions the acronyms that were discussed to support National Adventure Day. He thought of naming it the Great Outdoor National Adventure Day – or GONAD for short. That led to simply calling it NAD instead and since a single day isn’t enough to celebrate the idea of adventure, it became NADs as the idea of spreading it out across two days took hold.

So with NADs still a month away, we all have time to plan how we’ll celebrate. I’m a big believer that the term “adventure” means something different for everyone. And on National Adventure Day we should all find something that expresses our own personal definition. Hit a trail for a long hike or run. Camp over night. Go climb a mountain. Whatever inspires you. Get out there and do it.

Head over to the National Adventure Day Facebook page and “like” it. Then share your plans for how you’ll celebrate.

Kraig Becker

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