Video: Rafting The Grand Canyon

Running the Grand Canyon is one of the best rafting adventures on the planet. Setting out from Lee’s Ferry and paddling down river to Diamond Creek can take in excess of two weeks to complete as travelers pass through an incredibly remote and beautiful wonderland. You can make that journey yourself in the video below, which follows a team of 16 as they paddle through the Canyon over a 16-day period. Looks like quite an amazing adventure.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Video: Rafting The Grand Canyon”

  1. Coincidence. Just spent 6 days rafting (1 river kayaking as class3 max that day) with people who led trip for years on the 2 weeks grand canyon rafting trip.

    It is the first guided descend of Rio Marañon. Hopefully not the last one as dams are in tha plans, the idea is to stop the plan.

    Apparently on the Marañon, it's as good as the grand canyon except for one thing: Spanish and bigger canyons. It was WOW.

    I recommend any people to join the next trip. I will post a video in a few days when time.

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