Limited Updates The Rest Of The Week

Just a brief site update this morning to let regular readers know that this week and next I will be traveling some which will prevent me from making regular updates on Thursday and Friday of both weeks. The next few days I’ll be busy with work and at the end of next week I’ll be busy with a relaxing escape. I will be back with regular posts next Monday through Wednesday before returning to my regular schedule the following week.

In the meantime, get outside and enjoy some adventures of your own. Here in the northern hemisphere we are well into the fall now, and the crisp air, cooler temperatures and wonderful autumn colors should be savored. Get on your bike and go for a ride. Gather up some friends or family and take a hike. Go for a long run. Do anything that gets you off the couch and outside for a little while. It’ll definitely be worth it.

I have a few updates scheduled for today. After that, I’ll be back next week. See you soon!

Kraig Becker