Video: The Alaskan Way Available For Free Online!

Earlier in the year I had the chance to checkout an excellent documentary about heliskiing in Alaska called The Alaskan Way. The film was originally suppose to be about the incredible risks and rewards that come along with backcountry skiing in remote parts of that state but during filming tragedy struck and two people were killed in an avalanche. Now, a few months later, the entire film is available online for free and is definitely worth checking out, especially as we head into the ski season. You can watch the entire 59-minute film below, but I suggest you click this link and watch it in full resolution on Vimeo instead. If you find you like the film, then hit the β€œtip” button on the page and give the filmmakers a few bucks. 10% of everything this is raised is going directly to avalanche education initiatives, which is certainly a good cause.

The Alaskan Way from Godu Productions on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker