Video: Traveling The Highest Road In The World

Looking for a little escape at the start of the week? Then look no further than this great travelogue style video that follows three traveler as they ride from Jaipur, India to Khardung La, the highest road in the world at 5369 meters (17,582 ft). It is a colorful, chaotic journey that looks like it would be quite an adventure.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Video: Traveling The Highest Road In The World”

  1. Amazing to put these scenes together without saying anything of significance about – well, what it is all about and what is going on up there, with people and culture and nature…just some personal quasi philosophical commentary not suitable for public consumption…too bad. Maybe these guys had no more on their mind than revving up their engines.

  2. Oh fer chrissakes, does everything have to be about deep, philosphical discussions of culture, nature, etc? Why can't people just do something without all of the "significance?"
    Get over yourself.

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