Adventurers Reach The Pole Of Cold

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Back in November I wrote an article about a team of three adventurers who were setting out on one epic road trip. That team included veteran polar explorer Felicity Aston, filmmaker Manu Palomeque and mechanic Gisli Jonsson, who at the time had just left the U.K. on a drive to the “Pole of Cold,” which is defined as the coldest inhabited place on the planet. Now, more than two months after setting, out, the team has finally achieved that objective, having just arrived Oymyakon, a remote village in Northeast Siberia.

In order to reach the Pole of Cold, Felicity, Manu and Gisli drove more than 20,000 km (12,427 miles) through a variety of terrain that ranged from extremely well maintained highways to barely-there backcountry roads. Traveling in a Land Rover Defender, they were able to comfortably carry all of their gear and supplies, without fear of being hampered by the conditions. The Defender has a legendary background for use on off road expeditions, and it continues to show its worth today.

The team arrived in Oymyakon on Wednesday, but that point is far from the end of the actual journey. On the contrary, the Pole of Cold is actually just the halfway point. They will now travel back to their starting point at the Royal Geographical Society in London, albeit along a more southerly route. It is still the dead of winter in Siberia however, so they will face many of the same challenges along the way back to the U.K. as they have in the first half of their expedition.

You can follow along with their progress on the Pole of Cold website or on Facebook, where they are posting regular updates and photos from the field.

Personally, I think a journey like this one would be fantastic. What a great way to explore Europe and Asia. If anyone wants to loan me a Land Rover Defender, I’ll be happy to report on my journeys as well! 🙂

Kraig Becker