Video: The Ibis Expedition – In Search Of The Ultimate Sleep

The video below is in reality a commercial for Ibis Hotels and a promotion they are having for finding the “Ultimate Sleep.” But, it is also a rather funny and clever spot that shows adventurers out in the wild, where they are attempting to sleep at the top of a mountain. It is all rather tongue in cheek, but enjoyable none the less. At the end, the video points to, although there doesn’t really seem to be much going on there at the moment, other than a beautiful shot of Roraima, the “Devil’s Mountain” in the video. Maybe there is more to this promotion to come.

IBIS EXPEDITION – Ultimate Sleep [TRAILER] from The Skeeto Lounge on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Hey,

    if you go to and wait some time, you'll be able to watch the full-length movie (~ 15 min).

    Try it, it's fun! 😉
    And thanks for the link!

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