Video: TravelSmith Travel Tips #1 – Avoiding Traveler’s Tummy

The start of the new year also marks the start of a new series of travel videos from our friend Richard Bangs. He has just launched the first of a weekly set of clips that will offer tips on how to travel smarter and more safely in the year ahead. In this video, he tells us how to avoid the dreaded traveler’s tummy, something that most of us have probably had the misfortune of experiencing at some point in our wanderings. He also shares a story of how he got hit with giardia while paddling the Colorado River, which resulted in him having to be airlifted to safety. There is a good lesson for us all here.

Kraig Becker

1 thought on “Video: TravelSmith Travel Tips #1 – Avoiding Traveler’s Tummy”

  1. Good advice, clearly presented. Loved the set that has been developed for Richard Bangs; the tips written as Mr. Bang's conveys his message; the classical music leaves one with a sense of be educated that is in his message…… seems to bring in a feeling of: don't panic listen to these smart tips and you will be prepared.

    Cudos to whomever worked with Mr. Banks!

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