All-Female Team To Make First Descents, Investigate Climate Change In Greenland


An all female team of pro skiers will embark on a sailing voyage from Iceland to Greenland in March in  search of first descents and to record the impact of climate change on the region. The team, which will consist of Meghan Kelly, Nat Segal, McKenna Peterson, Pip Hunt and Martha Hunt, will depart on March 26 from Ísafjörður, Iceland on an expedition that is expected to last until April 19. Their adventure will be documented on the Shifting Ice + Changing Tides website.

The ladies, who are working with both the I AM PRO SNOW and Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation organizations, will first travel to the southwest coast of Greenland where they’ll climb several peaks and make the first ski descents of those mountains. Along the way, they’ll also collect valuable data that will help us to understand how climate change is having impact on that fragile coastline and to Greenland as a whole.

Prior to departing, the team has organized a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in the hopes of raising some money to help support the project. The expedition will be documented by adventurer photographer Andy Bardon, so that the entire story can be told upon their return.

This looks like a great project for a number of reasons. Obviously we enjoy adventure in all of its forms here at the Adventure Blog, and this looks like it should be a good one. The emphasis on climate change should not be under rated either however, and since this is an all-female team, perhaps it will also encourage more young ladies to get out there and chase their adventurous dreams as well.

The video below helps to explain more.

Shifting Ice & Changing Tides from Andy Bardon on Vimeo.

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