Crowd Sourced Travel Show Sends Host On Adventures You Choose

Travel host Eli Newell has come up with a novel idea for a new show that puts a bit of uncertainty and adventure back into the genre. The program is called Don’t Kill Eli and it gives viewers the power to choose where he’ll be off to next, and what he’ll do when he gets there.

The project, which is being funded by a Kickstater campaign, begins with Newell posting a series of videos online. Viewers then select the video of the location they’d most like to see him visit, and watch that video, there by recording a vote. The destination that gets the most votes is where he’ll go.

The first vote ended last night, and the winner is Beirut. According to his Twitter account, Eli is already looking to book airfare and will be heading to Lebanon in March. Presumably his travels there will be filmed so we can all enjoy his adventures once he gets home. Future episodes will follow the same format, with the audience selecting where to send Eli, without getting him killed of course! This could be fun to follow.

Kraig Becker