Greg Hill To Attempt To Climb And Ski 100,000 Meters In March

Remember Greg Hill? Back in 2010, we followed his attempt to climb and ski 2 million vertical feet (610,000 meters) in one year. It took him all 12 months, but he was able to achieve that goal. Now, he’s back with another ambitious project that will push him to the limits and certainly test his endurance. In March, Hill hopes to climb and ski a total of 100,000 meters, a massive number for a single month.

This would be a big enough challenge on a well groomed trail at a nice resort, but that isn’t what Greg has in mind. He’ll climb and ski in the Canadian backcountry, taking on some tough mountains and even making a few first descents. Even more impressive, he won’t repeat a single hill, but will instead move on to new challenges at all times.

Greg says that he isn’t sure if it is even possible to pull off his big goal. He knows that injuries, weather, avalanches and other unexpected challenges could prevent him from completing this challenge. But, he will push on to see if he can pull it off none the less. To do so, he’ll spend every day in March climbing and skiing mountains, with the hopes of getting to that big 100,000 meter numbers.

Good luck Greg! You’re going to need it!

Greg Hill’s March Madness 2014 from FD Productions on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Greg Hill To Attempt To Climb And Ski 100,000 Meters In March”

  1. Greg Hill is an absolute beast. I'm going to love following along as he attempts this! Thanks for posting.

    (Just a heads up. If Greg climbed only 15,000 meters during his best month of 2010 then it is mathematically impossible that he climbed 610,000 meters in that year.)

  2. True! Thanks for correcting my math. I got that stat from one of the press releases. Now I wonder why they put it in there. Hmm.. thanks again!

  3. No worries. My guess would be that it meant to say his largest single DAY (not month) during the 2010 season was 15,000 meters because he mentions something about that in the video. That just blows my mind. My biggest day has been just over 10,000'. I can't imagine beasting through 50,000'.

    Love the blog by the way. Just found it today. I'll be a regular reader.

  4. That makes more sense Joel. And that falls more line with what he would have needed to do back in 2010.

    And thanks for joining us here on my little corner of the web. Glad you like it!

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