Wildlife Photographer Catches First Snow Leopard Kill Ever


Snow leopards are amongst the most elusive and endangered animals on the planet. They are so rare in fact that it is estimated that only about 50-60 of them still exist in the wild. Some of the big cats are known to inhabit the Hemis National Park in India, which is where a wildlife photographer recently made history by capturing what is believed to be the first images of a snow leopard making a kill.

Adam Riley was recently leading a snow leopard tour in the national park, which is located in the heart of the Himalaya, when he got the chance of a lifetime. Riley’s series of photos show the cat on the prowl. Eventually, the predator catches sight of a small herd of mountain goats and goes in pursuit. The result is inevitable of course, but since the big cats are so rare in the wild, no one has ever captured images of the hunt before. 

National Geographic has more details on the story, as well as a series of photos that include Riley’s explanation of what was happening at the time. In some of the photos it is actually difficult to see the snow leopard, as it blends so well into its background. Those photos explain why the cats are sometimes referred to as the “Gray Ghosts of the Himalaya,” with their natural camouflage helping them to blend well with their surroundings. 
The images are definitely dramatic. Here’s a sample of what Adam was able to capture. 
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Kraig Becker

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  1. That's fantastic, there's something about the snow leopard that fires up the imagination.

    Loving the blog by the way, I've read some fascinating articles on here. The Nanga Parbat in Winter updates are great too.

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