Adventure Kitchen: New Mojo Trail Mix Bars From Clif

A few weeks back I received a nice little care package from my friends at Clif Bar giving me a sneak peek at the new flavors of Mojo Bars that they were preparing to ship for spring. Considering that one of my favorite products in their entire line-up is the Mojo, I was interested to see what they had put together in terms of new offerings. Turns out, Clif has put together some tasty new combinations that I think will appeal to a wide audience.

One thing I have always liked about the Mojo bars is that they are a nice blend of salty and sweet. They also don’t happen to taste like most energy bars in that they offer a surprising amount of variety and fresh flavor. The new version carry on that tradition quite nicely, giving us more choices to throw in our pack on a long hike or for a post workout snack. Those new choices include: Wilde Blueberry Almond, Cranberry Almond, Coconut Almond Peanut, Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond, and Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt. Of those, my two new favorites are the ones that incorporate dark chocolate. They are super tasty without being overly sweet.

As is usual with everything from Clif Bar, these new bars are very healthy. They are complete gluten free and low glycemic of course, but they also use organic ingredients. That means the almonds, blueberries, coconut, cherries and even the chocolate are all natural and good for you.  The Mojo bars are also very affordable. The suggested retail price for a bar is $1.49, with 5-pack going for $5.99.

I have been happily munching away on my supply for awhile now, and the only knock I have against them, is that I wish they were bigger. Don’t get me wrong, Clif has made a nice sized trail mix bar, its just that these are so tasty, they always leave me wanting more.

Kraig Becker