Gear Closet: Cannondale Launches Redesigned Mountain Bikes

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I get dozens of press releases and product announcements sent my way on a daily basis, and for the most part I tend to glance at them and move on, as few of them are of any interest to readers. But yesterday I received word that Cannondale is updating its OverMountain line of bikes just in time for spring, and since this is the time of year when many of us go shopping for a new ride, I thought the news was worth sharing.

Both the Trigger and Jekyll models got a refresh this year, bringing aggressive new styling along with a host of upgraded components. Both are available in the now popular 27.5″ tire size, which has become the sweet spot between the agile 26″ models of the past, and the more comfortable ride of the 29″ models that were all the rage just a few years ago. For those who prefer that tire size, the Trigger does have a 29″ option as well.

Cannondale has brought SuperMax forks to both the Trigger and the Jekyll, as well as Fox DYAD rear shocks. Both options deliver better performance over previous models, giving riders more confidence on the mountain. The Jekyll has been specifically designed for the Enduro crowd, and it shows in its all new design. In contrast, the Trigger is more of an all mountain bike, offering the ability to both climb and descend more aggressively.

Both the new Trigger and Jekyll will be available at dealers soon. Prices vary depending on the exact model you’re looking for. Personally, the new Trigger looks fantastic. I hope to get the chance to check it out soon.

Kraig Becker