Introducing Battlefrog Obstacle Course Racing Series


A few weeks back when I put the Adventure Blog on hiatus while I moved to a new city and state, I mentioned that I was working on a new project that would be coming to fruition over the next few months. At the time, I couldn’t say too much about it because it hadn’t been officially announced yet. That has now changed and I can now share the news with you.

I have gone to work as the media director for a new series of obstacle course races that will be launching soon. Over the past few years, OCRs have become all the rage here in the U.S., and even in some other countries too. These are the events that mix running with a series of unique challenges, such as crossing through mud pits, climbing walls, or crawling through tunnels. The blend of fitness and challenge have provided athletes with a fun, and totally new experience. The Tough Mudder, Warrior-Dash, and the Spartan Race are probably the most popular and well known of these events, but we hope to change that with the introduction of Battlefrog in May.

What sets Battlefrog apart from the others is that is has been designed from the ground up by a team of Navy SEALs. The event will feature some of the same obstacles that those SEALs used in their training, with some complete new challenges that have not been seen in OCR before. We’ll offer three courses that include the Battlefrog (15k with 25+ obstacles to overcome), the Bullfrog (5k, 15+ obstacles), and the Tadpole, which is designed with young kids in mind.

Our first race will be held in Atlanta on the weekend of May 31, with a second even already scheduled to take place in South Carolina on June 21-22. Registration for those events are already open, with more dates coming soon. We hope to ramp this project up quickly and put on as many as 12 races this year, with plans to expand further in 2015.

I’d love to invite all outdoor athletes looking for a new challenge to come join us when we’re in your area. I’d also invite anyone in the media who is interested in learning more about Battlefrog, and the unique men who have created it, to drop me a note at

I’ll no doubt be posting more about this as we move forward, but I’ll try not to inundate with you Battlefrog news. I will, of course, continue with the usual Adventure Blog content as well.

Kraig Becker

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  1. We do have plans to eventually expand overseas, but nothing has been announced just yet. Still ramping up operations here in the States!

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