Outside Names 50 Trips Of A Lifetime For 2014

lake tahoe fe

Looking to add a little adventure to your plans for 2014? Then you’ll certainly want to check out Outside magazine’s picks for he 50 trips of a lifetime. They’ve whittled down the absolute best travel opportunities from around the globe to a relatively manageable list, making it at least a little easier for us to choose the ones that are perfect for us.

The editors at Outside have organized their list into several categories, making it easy to peruse the options that most appeal to you. For instance, they have a category for Best Polar Trip (South Georgia Island and Shackleton crossing!), as well as the best trips for the Desert, Mountains and Beach. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve also divided the best trips into categories based on activity. So if you wanted to trail running or biking, you’ll be presented with some incredible options. Some of the other categories include Best SUP Getaway, Foodie Destination and Adventure Hub.

What I appreciate about Outside’s list is that most of their trips feel like something that normal people can do. Sure, some of them are expensive, but they aren’t out of the realm of possibility for the outdoor adventurer who also has a regular life to lead as well. I also like that while many of their destinations are exotic, the “runner up” trips are frequently located in very approachable locations, often inside the U.S.

Since this is a travel oriented list, there are also a few other awards given out. For example, Outside has named Alaska Airlines its Best Airline for 2014. They’ve also picked their favorite airports, new luggage, new trail and outfitter. They’ve even picked their list of the top guides as well.

Travel junkies will love everything that the magazine has put together for us. There is plenty to pour over and soak up. In the end, you’ll probably end up adding more options to your bucket list. But you were probably in need of some new options anyway.

Kraig Becker