Stand-Up Paddle Boarders Cross Australia’s Bass Strait

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Update: It has been pointed out to be that this was not a SUP crossing of the Bass Strait but instead a paddle board crossing. That is an important distinction for sure, although this was still a very impressive accomplishment.

I missed this little adventure due to my hiatus/move last week, but it is a good story and I wanted to share the achievement.

Last week, three stand-up paddle boarders completed a challenge of epic proportions. Australians Zeb Walsh and Brad Gaul, along with American Jack Bark, completed a 180 mile (290 km) crossing of the treacherous Bass Strait, a body of water that begins at southern Australia and runs to Tasmania.

Calling their expedition A Date With The Strait, the trio faced waters that are twice as turbulent as the English Channel. The region is known for its often icy conditions and sharks are not uncommon there. It is a part of the world that sailors look to avoid, due to the unpredictable weather and shallow waters. Walsh called the strait the Everest of stand-up paddle boarding, saying that no one had ever completed the challenge before, and that their success was uncertain as well.

The three men set out from Refuge Cove with a plan to island hop over successive days to reach Tasmania. Over the course of several days, they managed to make their way across the strait, stopping in places like Hogan Island, Deal Island, and Flinders Island along the way. Their final push was a 40 mile (65 km) slog that put them on Tasmania on Tuesday of this week, after five consecutive days out on the water. An impressive feat to say the least.

Congratulations to Zeb, Brad and Jack on a job well done. You can read more about their adventure on the expedition’s Facebook page on the official Date With The Strait page as well.

Check out a teaser video of their adventure after the jump.

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  1. This really is a challenge of epic proportions. Paddle boarding continues to benefit from people like this. "A Date with the Strait" was one epic journey, to be sure.

    And people can, quite easily, re-create this on a micro scale at their local body of water. If you would allow me, I would like to link to an introductory inflatable paddle board.

    For anyone who wants to start their own adventure:

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