Ultra-Runners Complete Winter Crossing Of Baffin Island

A few weeks back I told you about an attempt by a team of ultra-runners to cross Baffin Island on foot in the middle of winter. At the time, the team was still in the preparation stages for the expedition, but they were planning on leaving for Baffin in the first week of March, and launching their crossing a few days later.

Yesterday, we received word that the team, which consists of endurance athletes Ray Zahab, Ryan Grant, Stefano Gregoretti and Ferg Hawke,  had successfully completed the crossing of Baffin Island. They traveled through the Akshayuk Pass, and managed to complete the route in just 48 hours, covering a distance of approximately 100 km (62 miles) in the process.

The team has limited communications at the moment, so the details on the crossing are a bit light. They did travel light and fast however, carrying just 50 pounds of gear apiece, as they made their way through the remote and rugged wilderness on Baffin. The expeditions as completely unsupported, and from what I can tell, there was a great effort made to create a simple, grassroots approach to the entire project.

I’m sure we’ll more about this effort in the days ahead. But for now, congratulations to Ray, Ryan, Stefano and Ferg on a job well done. Great effort all around!

Kraig Becker