Gear Closet: Skins RY400 Recovery Compression Tights

skins ry400 travel and recovery tight

Over the past year or so, I’ve become quite a convert for using compression apparel to aid in recovery following a long run. It is not uncommon for me to wear a pair of compression socks post workout to help my legs to bounce back a bit more quickly. The idea is that compression gear helps stimulate the circulation of blood in the areas that they are worn, which in turn helps to shorten recovery time and reduce injury. The use of the compression socks has certainly helped me, as my legs have been more refreshed, even as I increased my speed and distance.

Considering how well my legs have responded to the use of the socks alone, I have been eager to try a full pair of compression tights to see if they would help my entire leg, and not just the feet and calves. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been putting the RY400 Long Tight from Skins through their paces, wearing them post run to aid in recovery. These tights have been designed specifically for extended wear following a workout, when comfort is of primary concern.

As you would expect, these tights are very form fitting, and if you haven’t worn compression gear before, it can be a bit off-putting at first. Be assured, this is normal, as the only way for this type of apparel to do their job properly is for it to be snug. That said, once you get use to the fit, you’ll find that they are not at all uncomfortable. Skins has designed these tights to move nicely with your body, and to fit under your other clothes like a -well- second skin.

It is important to point out that the RY400 tights are meant to be worn after a workout, and not during. While they are certainly durable enough to use while you’re taking part in your favorite athletic activity, they have been designed to apply the proper level of compression to your muscles while they are resting, rather than while they are exerting effort. Skins recommends wearing them for a minimum of three hours post workout or competition for the best results. Better yet, they are comfortable enough that you can even sleep in them, which will help you wake up the next morning with fresh legs, ready for your next run or ride.

I have to say, I have been extremely happy with these tights. Not only are they very comfortable to wear, they accomplish their goal of protecting your muscles and speeding recovery. They even look attractive, like something you’d expect the X-Men to wear. Durability has been excellent so far, although I have read a few reports online from people who say they start to lose elasticity over time. That is someone natural in compression clothing, although I have not witnessed anything noticeable in that department just yet.

Skins has priced the RY400 recovery tight at $139.99, which is a good price for a piece of gear that performs this well. Considering they are built to last a long time, that seems a small price to pay for what they deliver.

And what exactly do they deliver? In my personal experience with these tights, my legs have felt better, and rebounded faster than when I wasn’t using them. For someone who runs almost every day, that is a priceless commodity.

Kraig Becker