Lance Armstrong Is Naming Names

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It has been awhile since we’ve heard anything new about Lance Armstrong, and the doping scandal that brought dow the 7-time Tour de France champion. But earlier this week, some details of Armstrong’s deposition from a lawsuit that was brought against him from an insurance company seeking repayment for bonuses paid out during his TdF winning streak were revealed. In that testimony, which took place back in November, Lance revealed the names of those who supplied him with performance enhancing drugs, or at least knew about their use.

Most of the names will probably come as no surprise to cycling fans. For instance, Armstrong says that team director Johan Bruyneel “participated in or assisted with” the use of PEDs for him and the rest of the squad. This is the first time that Bruyneel has been named outright by Lance, who says that  the Johan knew about the use of drugs through “conversations and other acts” throughout their time together.

The report also points the finger at those who were involved with administering Armstrong’s blood transfusions, which aided in increasing oxygen levels in his blood for better performance. Four names came up as part of that conversation. They include trainer Pepe Marti, Dr. Pedro Celaya, Dr. Luis del Moral, and the infamous Dr. Michele Ferrari, who was part of a large program for doling out performance enhancing drugs to athletes on a massive scale.

Others who were singled out for delivering PED’s to the cyclist include team soigneur Emma O’Reilly, as well as bike mechanics Julien de Vriese and Philippe Maire. It was also revealed in the testimony that team manager Mark Gorski and Armstrong’s personal coach Chris Carmichael knew about his use of performance enhancing drugs as far back as 1995.

Kraig Becker