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Last week I told you about Mike Horn’s plans to climb Makalu, before launching a new expedition to circumnavigate the globe via both the North and South Pole. This past weekend, Mike and his climbing partner Fred Roux, arrived in Base Camp, and are now acclimatizing before launching their alpine style ascent in the Himalaya. As they prepare to get underway, a profile of the South African explorer has been posted to the Red Bull blog.

For those who aren’t familiar with Mike’s resume, he has, amongst other things, already visited both Poles, climbed several 8000 meter peaks, swam the length of the Amazon, and circumnavigated the globe at the equator, completely under his own power.

In the interview, he talks about such wide ranging things as what he eats for breakfast, the challenges of climbing an 8000 meter peak vs. traveling to the Poles, and the difference in facing Amazon crocs and Polar bears. He even tells the tale of how a polar bear once sat on him while he was in his tent. The bear was searching for food in his sled, and didn’t even realize that the explorer was there.

Mike reaffirms something that I have been saying for some time. A journey to the North Pole on foot, could possibly be the toughest challenge in the world of adventure today. It is just such a herculean task to undertake, and it is one that he has already completed, but will attempt again next year.

All in all, the brief interview is an entertaining read to say the least.

Kraig Becker

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  1. It's great to see Mike getting more exposure. He's a legend! I followed his Amazon expedition and then, even more closely, his Arktos expedition (must have been about two years to circumnavigate the arctic circle) and then his winter North Pole adventure with Borge Ousland.

    He lost me a bit with the Pangaea expedition (too many years; too many aspects) but I've had the fortune of meeting some of the young South Africans who made it to the selections of his Young Explorer programme. What an experience!

    Mike still has a strong South African accent although he has been living in Switzerland with his family for many years.

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