Video: Kathmandu To The Summit Of Everest Via Google Earth – Updated!

Updated: Okay, so the original video I placed here was suddenly password protected. I guess they didn’t want us to see what they were showing off. So, I’ve replaced it with a classic clip from Alan Arnette that gives us great insight into an Everest climb up the South Col Route. Enjoy!

As is tradition in the spring, we’ve been talking a lot about Mt. Everest lately, and I thought you might like to see what the climbers are up against in the weeks ahead. The video below is a simple animation captured in Google Earth, that leaps from Kathmandu to the airport in Lukla, then up the Khumbu Valley to Everest, before proceeding up the South Side route to the summit. It’s brief – just one minute in length – but it does put some things in perspective.

Kraig Becker

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  1. They must have added one after the fact. It was working fine earlier. I've replaced it with another good video to illustrate the climb.

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