Video: Lance Armstrong Talks To Outside Magazine

Lance Armstrong has maintained a relatively low profile over the past year, during which he admitted to using performance enhancing drugs while competing in, and winning, seven Tour de France races. Over the months since his confession, he has started to come clean about those transgressions, and he has been very open and frank about the nature of cycling in that era, and his own involvement. In the video below, he continues to speak candidly, this time with Outside magazine, about the situation. When asked if he feels he won the those seven Tour titles, that have since been stripped from him, he unequivocally says yes. It is an interesting, and straight forward interview, that fans of cycling and Lance should see. And for the record, I agree with him. He won those races on the road.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on β€œVideo: Lance Armstrong Talks To <em>Outside</em> Magazine”

  1. I like this point of view, and personally I believe he did deserve those & medals, drugs can simply not make you achieve such feats of greatness all by itself. it takes hours, days and years to reach a level at which he was competing at.

  2. I agree with Ruan. If he'd won "just" 1 tour, yes it would have a big question mark over it now. But to win 7 consecutively takes a true champion.

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