Video: Update From The Brazil 9000 Expedition

It has been awhile since we had an update from Aaron Chervenak and Gareth Jones, the two adventurers who embarked on the Brazil 9000 Expedition back in 2012. Their plan has been to travel north to south, starting at the border with Guyana, and ending in the village of Chul, on the border with Uruguay. In the process, they’ll cover some 9000 km (5592 miles), traveling through some of the most remote and challenging regions in the world.

In January, the boys achieved a major milestone by reaching the village of BelΓ©m, which sits at the delta of the Amazon, where that might river reaches the Atlantic Ocean at long last. At that pony they were about a third of the way done with the journey, which was originally expected to take roughly 15 months to complete, but it has now stretched on far longer due to logistical issues, funding and a host of other challenges to overcome.

The video below s there latest dispatch from Brazil, and like their previous videos, it is exceptionally well done. Not only does it give us a sense of what it like to travel through the dense Amazon Rainforest on foot and by canoe, but it also gives us a glimpse of what life is like in a place that few of us ever get the opportunity to ever see.

Black Gold: Brazil 9000 Update #4 from The Skeeto Lounge on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker