Video: Climber Records Attempt To Escape Crevasse

Last week I mentioned that American climber and climate scientist John All had fallen into a 70-foot (21 meter) crevasse on Mt. Himlung, and had received numerous injuries as a result. At the time, he had just been airlifted to a hospital in Kathmandu, after spending two painful days in a tent, waiting for the weather to clear. He is reportedly doing better now, but still in a lot of pain after breaking his right arm and five ribs, while also dislocating his shoulder.

Apparently, All was in Nepal to study climate change in the mountains. While trekking in the Annapurna region, he fell through the snow, and into the crevasse, injuring himself in the process. He then proceeded to crawl back out on his own, in what had to be one very painful climb. Along the way, he used his action camera to record his progress, and later those videos were posted to YouTube. The first of the videos can be found below, and the rest are available after the jump. Warning: there is a bit of harsh language, as is to be expected, and it can be painful to watch at times.

Kraig Becker