Video: Running The Swiss Irontrail Ultra

The Swiss Irontrail is a 201 km (125 mile) trail running event that takes place in the Alps each year. It is an incredibly tough run that features more than 11,000 meters (36,089 feet) of vertical gain, which competitors have 56 hours to complete. Time cutoffs are strictly enforced, and runners must be self sufficient while on the route. But, the scenery is breathtaking, and finishing the event is an incredible adventure all its own.

The video below gives you a sense of what the Irontrail is all about. It follows ultra runners Rebecca Byerly and Anke Drescher as they attempt to finish this incredibly tough race. After three days of suffering, they are amongst the 36 (out of 135 who started) to actually reach the finish line. The short film is part of the Women of the Mountain series, which is designed to show us how anyone can push themselves to incredible physical limits, no matter their age. Great stuff, and a truly beautiful video.

MAMMUT from Women of the Mountain on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

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