Video: Tom Sawyer on the Danube

One of the things that I try to stress here on this blog is that adventure comes in many forms. Sure, it sometimes means climbing a big mountain or traveling on foot to the North Pole. But not all expeditions have to push the edge to be life-affirming and altering.

Case in point, the video below is the teaser for a new film that will be hitting the adventure film festival circuit soon. It is entitled Tom Sawyer on the Danube. It features Jamie Bowlby-Whiting, and his equally adventurous girlfriend Leah Bostwick, as they attempt to travel from England to Asia under their own power.

That includes walking, cycling, and even rafting the Danube on their own makeshift raft. The film isn’t just a story about their journey but is also about their relationship and how they grew as people along the way.

It looks like an amazing story and an inspiration for us all to get off the couch and go seek an adventure of our own.  This is the first film from our friends at It looks like a good one.

Teaser for “Tom Sawyer on the Danube” from Xpedition.TV on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Thank you, Kraig! Jamie, Leah and I sincerely appreciate the support! Go Adventure Blog!

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