Video: World Traveler on Three Year Journey Creates Epic Selfie

Looking for a little inspiration to travel today? This video ought to do the trick. It was shot by Alex Chacon, who spent the last three years traveling the globe, crossing through 36 countries, and covering more than 200,000 km (125,000 miles) in the process. Along the way, he used his GoPro camera to capture some selfies, and the results are the 3 minute video below, which gives us a glimpse of his adventures. This makes me want to hit the road again soon!


3 thoughts on β€œVideo: World Traveler on Three Year Journey Creates Epic Selfie”

  1. This video is amazing ! I am definitely going to do somethig similar on my next adventure.

  2. Very interesting video and able to take photo or video without involving other people to help us

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