Outside Magazine Announces 2014 Adventure Bucket List

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Still looking for a big adventure for this year? Want to escape the day-to-day grind of life to visit some remote, and exotic, location? If so, then Outside magazine has some suggestions you might want to consider. In fact, it has about 90 of them. Outside editors have just announced their selections for their 2014 Adventure Bucket List, providing us with an amazing array of suggestions for things to do and places to go, as well as the proper gear to see us through these adventures.

At the core of the 2014 Adventure Bucket List are 30 fantastic trips that are sure to feed the wanderlust in all of us. Those trips include such options as cycling in Italy, escaping to a remote Indonesian island, and paddling the Upper Colorado River. Some of the suggestions are highly specific, while others offer just a vague outline of things to do. For example, Outside recommends that you rent a cabin (any cabin!) or give an off road triathlon a go. Their point is, that this bucket list is just a starting point, filled with good opportunities for adventure, but there are plenty more for us to find on our own.

In addition to the 30 adventures that make up the Outside bucket list, the magazine has suggestions for finding the lodges for hunting and fishing, cycling, surfing and more. Readers will also find some great suggestions for getting fit for whatever active pursuits they want to accomplish, as well as a list of the top ultra-long distance adventure runs, and the very best places in the world to go surfing. And when you’re ready to get outfitted for your adventure, there is also a list of the very best gear that you’ll need at your disposal as well. That list has equipment to help you ski, cycle, climb, and camp all year long.

If after all of that, you still need some inspiration, Outside has given us a selection of tips from some absolutely legendary figures from the world of outdoor exploration and adventure. For example, we can pick up fitness advice from Laird Hamilton, mountaineering tips from Ed Viesturs, and learn the rules of running from Alberto Salazar. In short, there is literally something for everyone.

I like the concept of a bucket list, at least as a starting point for the things you want to pursue in life. I’ve obviously had a number of things on my list for a long time. But, it also seems that the more items I check off that list, the longer it grows too. Pursuing your passions in life often leads to even more passions. But life is short. We should all live it to the fullest while we can.

Kraig Becker