XRockies Adventure: Traveling on Foot and Paraglider Across the Rocky Mountains

One of my favorite aspects of writing this blog is that I routinely get to hear from some great people who have set off on some amazing adventure of their own. It is wonderful to hear about all the unique, crazy, and interesting things that they are doing, all in the name of adventure, as one of my goals with this blog – and my other writing – is to inspire others to find a way to put some adventure in their lives.

A few days back, I received an email from Thomas Punty and Nelson Defreyman, two Frenchmen who have undertaken a great adventure in the Rocky Mountains. The men set off back in March to travel on foot and by paraglider along the entire 3000 km (1865 mile) chain of mountains, starting in Liard River, Canada in the north, and eventually finishing near the U.S.-Mexican border in New Mexico in the south. They call their project the XRockies.

Over the past few months, the lads have been making steady progress towards their goal, and according to their GPS tracking on their website, they are now through Durango, Colorado. Every fe weeks along the way, they have released a short video that has given us insights into what it has been like for them on this adventure. The most recent video was posted just two days ago, and you’ll find it below. It includes some shots of the men hiking and gliding of course, and well as some scenes from their travels as well.

This is an amazing example of a couple of ambitious adventurers coming up with a unique idea for a journey. Thomas and Nelson say that the U.S. is a great spot for paragliding, and that they have been enjoying their expedition immensely. They expect to reach the finish line sometime in the next few weeks, but from the sounds of things, they are not necessarily eager to see it end.

You can catch up with the rest of the video dispatches at Xrockies.com.

Kraig Becker