Adventure Tech: Autonomous Drone Follows and Films Your Action


It’s no secret that I think drones are a fantastic tool for capturing video footage, and are especially useful in the world of adventure and action sports. Technology has made it possible for amateur filmmakers to capture shots that were simply out of reach in the past, and as a result, we’re getting better looking videos and documentaries. But operating a drone still requires a certain level of skill, and it can’t be done completely on your own, which can make capturing the perfect shot still very challenging. But a new product is looking to change all of that, and it could revolutionize how adventure films get made.

A company called Hexo+ has designed an autonomous drone that can follow you around, filming your activities completely independently. They’ve launched a Kickstater for the project, which has already blown well past its intended goal. The creators of the Hexo+ had hoped to raise $50,000 to get their project off the ground, and with 14 days to go in the campaign, they are already closing in on $1 million.

Amongst the founders of the company is Xavier de Le Rue, the big mountain snowboarder whose adventures we have followed numerous times here on the Adventure Blog. If anyone knows what it takes to create amazing action films, it is Xavier, and he clearly is putting his heart and sole into this project.

The video below is a great demonstration of what this drone is capable of, and gives us a behind the scenes look at this amazing piece of technology. After watching it, all I can say is that I want one!

Kraig Becker