New Documentary Seeks to Tell the Story of the Women of the Mountains

A new documentary that is seeking funding via Kickstarter  is looking to tell the story of six women, all of whom are drawn to the mountains. The film is entitled the Women of the Mountain, and it tells the tale of three ultra-runners who compete in some of the longest, and toughest, trail runs on the planet. At the same time, the doc also profiles three other women who live their lives in those same mountains. The film will take viewers from the Himalaya in India, to the Alps of Europe, and on to the Sierra Nevada in California. It will follow these women as they overcome a variety of challenges in their lives, and show how strong they truly are.

The film is seeking $45,000 in funding to complete the project. As I write this, they have collected about $7600 towards that goal. Check out the video below to learn more about the film, and click here if you’d like to contribute to the cause.

Kraig Becker