Expedition Idaho Adventure Race Underway!

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After a three year hiatus, the Expedition Idaho adventure race has returned, and is now underway in the spectacular, and wild, landscapes of northern Idaho. The 7-day event features a course of nearly 500 miles in length that will challenge racers to trek, climb, mountain bike, and paddle, through some of the most rugged terrain in the American West, just so they can make their way to the most unique finish line in all of adventure racing.

The coed teams of four first took part in a prologue yesterday that would determine their starting positions. They began by first having to climb a water slide, while the water poured down upon them. If any member of the team slipped, and slid back to the bottom, the entire squad had to start over. Once they did reach the top, they then had to complete a lap on the “lazy river,” running upstream against the current. This unusual start to the race was both fun, and challenging, for competitors.

The prologue helped to determined the starting order of the race, with the teams setting off from the Silver Springs Resort on the first trek yesterday afternoon. The race has now moved into its second day, and the contenders are starting to emerge from the pack. With six more days of racing to go, it is impossible to predict who will win at this point, but the race is shaping up to be a good one. While there aren’t a lot of teams in the race, the field still contains some great athletes, who will be pushing themselves to the limit throughout the week ahead.

You can follow all of the action from the race on the Expedition Idaho Facebook page. You’ll also be able to get live tracking updates on the team’s position by clicking here. It should be a great week to race in Idaho, where the summer season has been a warm one. I’ll post updates from the event throughout the week.

Kraig Becker