Outside Magazine’s Builds the Ultimate Survival Kit

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Outside magazine continues to provide readers with lists of great gear that we should all own. This time out, they have put together the ultimate survival kit, which consists of 35 items that will get you through just about any situation. This kit won’t come cheap however, as it would set you back more than $9300 if you were to purchase everything on the list.

While that number is sure to cause sticker-shock amongst some, there are a few items that drive up the price significantly. They include a fat bike from Cogburn ($1899), and Iridium Go satellite communications device, and a rifle from Kimber ($2040). These big ticket items make up a significant portion of the total price, even though they will probably come across as a luxury to a lot of people.

Most of the other items on the list are actually fairly affordable. They range from Duct tape ($5) to a Goal Zero Yeti solar powered generator ($460). Other items include things like a comfortable cot ($300) to sleep on, a rechargeable headlamp, a sturdy pair of hiking boots, energy bars, and a host of other gear that any outdoor enthusiast would love to have in their gear closet. Some of the items are even a bit whimsical, including a deck of playing cards, and bunny slippers for your feet.

If you’re preparing for the impending zombie holocaust, than this would indeed be the ultimate survival kit. But, it also consists of some excellent outdoor gear from a number of great companies. While it is unlikely that any of us will ever assemble this complete survival package, there are plenty of items that make the list that would come in handy while hiking, backpacking, climbing, or traveling.

Kraig Becker

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  1. This was very useful. I was recently reading the book 127 hours and I was wondering, what was he actually taking with him. I mean, it was described there but one does not know the things unless working in a field of biking and also I was too lazy to research what all that means. Great!!!

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