SUGOI Introduces “Stay Classy” Cycling Jersey to Raise Funds, Awareness of Prostate Cancer

SUGOIStayClassyJerseyFrontEach month, our friends over at SUGOI release a new cycling jersey to help raise funds and awareness for a different cause. These jerseys always have a unique styling, and distinctive look to them which helps them stand out from the crowd. They also have the signature SUGOI level of quality that we all have come to appreciate as well.

For November, the company is helping to support the Prostate Cancer Awareness Charity by releasing the “Stay Classy” jersey, which you can see pictured here. As you can tell, it definitely has a look that is all its own.

I know it may only be September, and the jersey isn’t even available yet, but I wanted to share this bit of news none the less. Prostate cancer is an important cause to get behind, and I applaud SUGOI for helping to raise awareness of this issue. On top of that, I also wanted readers to be aware that they can help contribute to the cause, while scoring a fun jersey in the process. The “Stay Classy” jersey will be available directly from SUGOI or in local cycling shops in November.

Keep your eyes peeled for this shirt, as it will certainly help you stand out from your cycling group.

Kraig Becker