Video: What I Do in Whistler

Remember the Internet meme that was making the rounds awhile back which featured various activities shown from multiple points of view, usually with the captions of “what my friends think I do” or “what my grandma thinks I do” with images juxtaposing the reality of the situation? The video below is a film version of that meme, with the various viewpoints centered around mountain biking in Whistler. In this case, our erstwhile hero just wants to go riding, but he has to face the challenges of what his boss, girlfriend, and grandfather thinks he does there. Worse yet, he has to get over the hurdle of what his mom thinks he does there. It’s a funny clip, with a good payoff at the end, and some great mountain biking shots intermixed.

What I Do In Whistler from Matt Dennison on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker