Adventure Tech: New Rugged, Waterproof Cases for iPhone 6


If you’re one of the millions of people – like me – who rushed out to get the latest iPhone from Apple, you may be wondering which case is the best option for when you want to take your shiny new device with you on an adventure. While there are plenty of cases, and other accessories, available for the iPhone 6 already, there aren’t many choices for those who need a rugged, waterproof solution to protect their smartphone. Fortunately, help is on the way, as the brilliant minds over at LUNATIK have announced an Indiegogo campaign for two new cases that will soon shroud our iPhone’s in protective armor.

The two new cases aren’t expected to ship until the first quarter of 2015, in part because of some revised requirements from Apple. But when they do ship, the new Taktik 360 and Aquatik promise to deliver an unprecedented level of protection. Both models are designed to be airtight, keeping all of the ports and membranes on the iPhone completely safe. The Taktik and Aquatik are IP68 certified, which means they can be submersed in two meters of water for an hour, and still survive. The cases are sealed up so tight, they even offer excellent protection from dust and sand, allowing you to carry your iPhone into just about any environment. And of course, they also come with fantastic drop protection, thanks to LUNATIK’s well known rugged designs. This helps to keep your phone completely safe from harm, even when dropped from incredibly high heights.

The company has already achieved its goal with the Indiegogo campaign, with 23 days left to. Pre-orders are now up for the Taktik and Aquatik models for iPhone 6, with an iPhone 6+ version coming soon. And while you wait for the new cases to ship, LUNATIK will even give you their Seismik case for free.

Personally, I love my new iPhone 6, and I wasn’t exactly a proponent of the larger size. It is something that I’ve gotten use to, although it isn’t always easy to use or hold with one hand. As a result, I think a case is needed now, more than ever in the past. Particularly if you like to take your phone with you on your adventures. Find out more about these new cases by clicking here, and watching the video the below.

TAKTIK 360 + AQUATIK from LUNATIK on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker