Celebrate National Adventure Days This Weekend!

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This weekend marks the second annual National Adventure Day, a grassroots movement to celebrate and encourage outdoor adventure in all its forms. The “day” is actually all weekend long, giving all of us ample opportunity to head outside, and take in an adventure of our own.

National Adventure Day is the brainchild of my friend Chuck Vohsen from Rock Racing. The idea came to him on a trail run last year, and he has been championing the idea of a national holiday set aside for adventure ever since. This holiday takes place on the second weekend in October, just before Columbus Day, and is meant to encourage everyone to seek their own adventures, in what ever form comes their way. To celebrate, you should plan a hike, mountain bike ride, trail run, or similar activity.

Here at the Adventure Blog, we try to celebrate adventure in all of its forms every day. But having a national holiday set aside for adventurous activities sounds like a great idea as well. NAD is still a few days away, so you have some time to start thinking about what you’d like to do. As for me, I know I’ll squeeze in a run for sure, and maybe I’ll find some time to hit a local trail as well. The weather forecast here in Nashville isn’t looking all that promising for the days ahead, but that will only add to the adventure, right?

Find out more about National Adventure Day, and support the cause, on the NAD Facebook page.

Kraig Becker